Akatherm-dBlue--_Pagina_07_Afbeelding_0001_The market is changing all the time and we know that the most important parameters concerning a modern drainage system are quality, price and function.
We have now combined these parameters and developed a cost-effective, quiet and solid soil & waste pipe we call dBlue®.

dBlue® is a 3 layer soil & waste pipe made from PP which can easily be combined with existing drainage systems on the market since it complies with the international standard EN-1451.

The reported sound value, 15dB(A) at 2.0 l/s, refers to a complete installation comprising the entire system. All tests that form the basis for this sound value are performed on a COMPLETE installation, and this includes both pipes and parts.

dBlue® is a complete system in sizes 32-160 mm ( 32, 40, 50, 75, 90, 110, 125, 160 mm).
For installers this means that the work is simpler and the installations quicker, which in turn results in more cost-effective installations.

The dBlue® system has a high resistance to chemicals and tolerates high temperatures but also low temperatures down to -10°C and the system has been awarded the ”snowflake” mark as evidence of its suitability for installations in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

dBlue® is a new high-tech ”low class” drainage system from the world-leading Aliaxis group which meets all requirements concerning fire and sound and is available at a competitive price.

dBlue® does not require any special tools for installation but can be cut using a panel saw or pipe cutter, chamfer the edge, apply lubricant and push together – all done!

The dBlue® system has been awarded the highest grade in environmental assessments by Sunda Hus AB and Byggvarubedömningen AB and is therefore a very good choice from an environment point of view.