FRIAPHON-HD_FRIAPHON has been designed to replace cast iron piping and should not be compared with simpler versions of sound reducing drainage systems on the market.
FRIAPHON is a system that meets current strict criteria regarding fire and sound. The system was introduced in Sweden as early as in 1991 and is a full replacement for a cast iron system.
The system has type approval for both sound and fire, and the system is ”self-extinguishing” and does not actively feed a fire, should one occur.
FRIAPHON is a double wall pipe system and is made of mineral-reinforced plastic. The unique characteristics of the pipe material together with the dual layer technology (2-layer pipe) results in very efficient sound attenuation.

FRIAPHON offers the same qualities regarding sound in both pipes and parts. The material is “hard”,
i.e. it does not “give way” when you push on it. The system tolerates a constant temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and 95 degrees Celsius for short periods.
The system has very good chemical resistance and has been shown to function well in aggressive hospital environments where dialysis wards generate very aggressive waste water.

FRIAPHON is the only drainage system in Sweden (Jan 2014) that has been awarded Environment certification by all three large environment certification companies in Sweden: BASTA ONLINE, Sunda Hus and Byggvarubedömingen i Sverige AB.

The reported sound value, 16dB(A) at 2.0 l/s, refers to a complete installation comprising the entire system. All tests that form the basis for this sound value are performed on a COMPLETE installation, and this includes both pipes and parts.

We offer a complete system in sizes 52, 78, 110, 125 and 160 mm and it is available from well-stocked Sanitary wholesalers.